List of Medicinal Herbs Gathering Sites I had Found

Ever ran low on this and wonder where to replenish them easily? Below are a list of medicinal herbs gathering sites I had found.

  1. Route to Daytower – The route to the daytower had plenty of medicinal herbs that allows you to fill up to about 1 bar+ of medicinal herbs. This is one of the earlier areas to you access in the game if you ever want to replenish medicinal herbs. Simply fast travel to the camp fire outside daytower and walk up the trail leading to the daytower. There will be plenty of medicinal herbs and wood ridges along the way.

  2. Cut Cliffs – There is a longleg site the right of the cut cliffs quarry area with a campfire close to it. Fast travel to the campfire and clear the longleg sites. Search around the ground and there will be plenty of medicinal herbs around the longleg site.

  3. Sunfall Ridge – South of the only R-Breakers site, there is a a huge ridge where you can drop down from the camp fire on the left. There is a few scrappers and watchers in the ridge which can be clear easily. After clearing them search around the ridge, there is for plenty of medicinal herbs to be picked up from here.

  4. The G Hoard – if you ever ran really low on this herbs just comb through the G Hoard, going through this will gain you about two bar plus of medicinal herbs. It may seems daunting but its actually quite a short walk. Some medicinal herbs from the path to the boss room, and the boss room itself had plenty of herbs to fill up the herb pouch.

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