List of “Honor” Rules (for you to ignore)

Greetings Wolves, I thought I'd put together a list of rules to follow if you're attempting to fight with honor instead of just for it. I'm sure this list will start off incomplete, as I'm hoping you all will help me fill in or remove things as the community sees fit.

EDIT: just so no one is confused, this is a fun list of unofficial rules to play the game a certain way. Never should you whine that there's "No Honor" when people want to play the game the way it was designed. But if ALL players agree on fighting "with honor" heres list of rules to follow so everyone is on the same page

  • Rule 1: Every fight must be a 1v1 only. Pretty straightforward, this is usually what everyone thinks of in regards to fighting with honor.

  • Rule 2: No back stabs or sucker punches. This means no striking your opponent while they're in the middle of an execution animation. Wait for your opponent to turn around and face you before approaching.

  • Rule 3: No running. When you fight with honor, you stand your ground until you can't stand any more. This does not forbid repositioning a short distance to a safer area free of ledges, spikes etc.

  • Rule 4: No Feats. If your opponents are letting you 1v1 your way out of a 4v1 situation, respect them by not throwing a volley of arrows into the audience.

  • Rule 5: No Revenge. Revenge is a mechanic that was designed to help you out in outnumbered fights. If you are fighting 1v1, you should not need to use revenge to beat your opponent.

  • Rule 6: No Toxicity. Everyone loves a little good natured trash talk, but an honorable warrior treats his opponents with respect, even if they are noobs who need to git gud.

  • Rule 7: If you break any of these rules, all honor disagreements become null and void. Prepare for the wrath of their team.

  • Rule 8: If even one player does not agree to an honorable fight, all expectations of honor should go out the window.

**I left off ledge throwing because I honestly think positioning should be a big part of the game, but if the community feels like ledge throwing is dishonorable, then I will add it.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated, and as always, deus vult.

Edit: added rule 8

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