Lingering Song is addictive

Any one hyped a hell like me for this time iron banner? When I grabbed the ILL WILL with even lame perks for the first time it was a heaven opener. maybe I was too run out with Eyasluna and Palindrome stuff.

Its stab and reload sucks yet it is powerhouse. and then I found Lingering song released, saw its stat and possible perk lists which made me want it so bad.

Long time wish and pray, yesterday first drop, I got rifledbarrel – explosiveround – LitC(Firefly) which is pretty much damn dream roll I have dreamed of. Brought it into siva crisis heroic and supremacy, triggered, enemies just disappeared.

I am far away from expert but what I felt about this type of super low ROF HC is that, you need to count 1, 2, 1, 2… with a rhythm for each shot with a feeling like playing on the swings.. although My wife gazed at me like I am a freak when mumbling one two one two sitting in front of monitor.

I just want more people feel the fun of farming of Lingering Song this time. Never seen the hype this time that stayed among us for 1 week when clever dragon dropped like raining.

Once you are addicted by this archetype and if you can let high KD rate obsession go, it is whole new world.

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