Life of a Red-Bar Guardian

This post will most probably gain a ton of downvotes, because who is interested in a post about someone gaining an advantage in an online game? Nobody. But, I guess I'm prepared for it.

As a South African Guardian, I've been upgrading my connection ever since I got Destiny because it somehow seems that I always connect to astronauts because I'm constantly Red-Bar (Sometimes a sliver of Yellow now and then is appreciated) whenever I play PvP or Raid.


"Oh he's glitching all over the place to get an advantage" No, I'm not like that. It kinda sucks that some people use that to their advantage, but I literally get aggravated at my own lag. Somehow you always get shot from behind a wall, or somehow someone tossed a grenade that your connection forgot to mention and you die unknowingly later. The worst is getting a Beaver error code.


Not as frustrating as PvP, but frustrating because you letting your team down by a shank or thrall that will not die. LITERALLY. Getting the Quail error code is the worse. Or having your team go to orbit because of disconnecting everytime. (Well, not everytime, just now and then)

In The End

I've probably received three messages, all three from PvP matches (As expected, as you can actually tell your team in raids when you having some sort of loss of connection, not in PvP as most are 'elitists' and will probably make sure you get banned no matter if you are genuinely sorry) where I've apologized for the connection.

I'm not afraid to actually admit that I lag, and I do sincerely apologize to anyone who has encountered me in the Destiny-verse.

As above, I do expect downvotes, but just saying my peace is all. For some of us, it really sucks being a Red-Bar, especially those that have no control over it.

I really wish Destiny 2 has a dedicated server. Just a Guardians wish.

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