LFG nowadays.

So a bit of backstory. I normally have a pretty regular raid group that runs multiple times a week not only for ourselves, but others that may not have a raid group avail. We do not like to call ourselves elitists or sherpas. We dont even like the term carry. We like to help the community out and never put any silly requirements on joining other than, be within LL reqs.

So after a long day at work yesterday, i get home around 9 at night and find that most of my regular group is either offline or in other games. No big deal. I decide to head over to LFG and see if anyone is doing an Oryx challenge, there are tons. I send out a few messages and get either no response or silly requests of "must be titan, must have sleeper, must must must….. no thanks. End up gettin into a group finally (2 hours later). After a few runs i can tell the group is getting frustrated so i make a few suggestions on people placement and strat changes. To my shock and surprise, the group has no arguments. They put aside all of the "i saw it done in a youtube video" mentality and adapted. A few pratice runs later we got oryx with zero issues. The group exploded with excitement luke a yr 1 guardian getting a gally drop. It was beautiful. Some of these guys had been trying for 2 days to complete challenge. It felt great. I endes up getting a few thank you messages for speaking up and not rage quitting when we had more than 2 wipes. Or asking that they change their play style.

What i am really tryung to say is, be patient. Yes the challenge modes are tough. There is no perfect way to complete them. No perfect subclass with weapon load out. Just have fun. Be open to suggestions and you can help a fellow guardian do something they have never done before (2 in my fireteam were new RoI guardians).

That is all. Sorry for the long post. Enjoy your Age of Triumph and always Eyes up Guardian.

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