Level 1 Challenge – No damage taken during boss fights + more restrictions, first 5 bosses down!

Here's a playlist with the videos of the first 5 bosses (not including the prologue boss because I forgot to record it…woops). Obviously, boss spoilers inside.

As a huge fan of the Souls games and someone who also really enjoyed trying not to get hit at all during my SL1 run of Dark Souls 3, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something similar for this game. So, I came up with this challenge for myself:

Level 1

No damage taken by bosses

No Armor

No Items

No Magic

No Ninjutsu

No Living Weapon (and after the first boss I unequipped my Guardian Spirit)

Starting weapon only (no upgrades or soul matching of any kind)

I basically set out to restrict everything possible, but also not make it take FOREVER (I started out using fists only, but without Magic you just do no damage). It's been fun and challenging for sure, and I know it's only going to get harder. Which bosses do you guys think are going to be the most difficult? I plan to only do the story bosses for now, but maybe I'll try some side missions if I'm feeling confident.

Also, I apologize if this is considered bragging or self-promotion, as I know that's against the subreddit rules. I'm not monetized on Youtube or anything. I just thought it was a fun thing to share, and I'm curious if anyone else is doing something similar!

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