Let’s talk about some non-gameplay changes to Smite

I see a ton of posts about gameplay changes, but few about UI and QOL. Here are a few of my ideas.

  • In-game voice client for ranked. Curse is not used anymore, and ranked games are so much better with good communication. I also think it would reduce ranked bm.
  • An inbox. Not being able to message people while they are offline is annoying, especially when trying to set up scrims without their discord/contact info.
  • Completely reworked wisdom tab. Hire Dukesloth or ex-pros or something to add guides that are updated as the meta changes.
  • Change "hide profile" to make it less annoying. I get why it exists, but seeing blank spots in ranked games is stupid. Also, if you type a name into the search box and it comes up as unavailable, you have no idea if the profile exists or not.
  • Allow dming in-game by clicking on people's names. Typing a name out in game is impossible/awkward most of the time.
  • Better clan functions. Clans are almost pointless right now, only useful for messaging everyone at once. Add in the ability to organize clan tournaments/events, polls, and a better clan chat for discussion. Make it like a discord server.
  • The spectator UI is weird. It has to many quirks that make it difficult to watch full games. No way to accurately rewind games, for example.
  • The SPL should be advertised on the home screen, as a permanent section, not stuffed away in the "S4 ticket" tab. New players do not know what that is. Even in the S4 ticket tab, it is not immediately obvious that it is the SPL tab. Upcoming games and SPL news articles should be featured here, not the "summer SPL bundle, and "friends reward levels". It takes 2 clicks to get to the upcoming games page, and it is a complicated mess of shortened team names. This doesn't get new players to watch the SPL. They don't know where and when to watch the games, and they don't know which team is which. Add rosters and team bios IN CLIENT, not just on you esports website.

Thoughts? Ideas of your own?

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