Let’s Talk About Raiding.

Raiding at the moment, even without avatars, is broken.

You can get up to 60 dragon blood from the dragon hatchling, which is significantly weaker than the actual dragon. There are three hatchlings in the corruption city's front gate. ~180 dragon blood / 2 = ~90 jars. 90 jars for 10 minutes of work is absolutely ridiculous. The only grindy part about jars are the tar cost, and that's just flat out ridiculous.

Here's a direct relation to jars per wall per tier.

T1 = 2 jars T2 = 6 jars T3 = 12 jars

Going off a full T3 base, let's assume there's 4 layers you have to get through before you end up breaking into any loot. That's 48 jars. You'd have leftovers, and then some.

This is not to mention siege weapons are coming in, and are supposedly even stronger than jars. I will assume there will be a battering ram and a catapult, both of which will likely turn T3's into a T2-like building strength.

For the cost of T3 and the layering required just to be safe from a team of 2, 3, or even one person who grinds his ass off, raiding is way too easy.

Raiding is supposed to be a massive investment meant not for just "lol give me ur loot kid" but for "Get out of my territory." Conan land is sparse and raids need to be a large investment.

Siege weapons and jars both need to cost way more. (Theoretically on the siege weapons, but from what I've seen it'll probably end up being easy.)

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