What is actually even the point of a .4s root? I have him diamond, most people I talk to don't even know that this is a function of his ult. I don't understand why they've made nerfs/buffs to his early game/late game damage when something as comical as this exists in his kit. What efficacy does this provide? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the shortest CC effect in the game. As someone who has played him quite a bit, I've noticed some of his main issues include sticking to certain people(notably hunters) with slows that can kite him effectively most notably gods like Anhur, Hou Yi, and less notably AMC(more of a duel thing for him). If you can get in on people, you're good, but he has an issue crossing that barrier sometimes. You have to walk a fine line with a god like this because if you give him too much, you'll have hell to pay. Here are my ideas to help make him hopefully more viable in this meta, but not completely break him.

  1. As of now, if you land your sickle strike/spirit flail combo, it increases the slow from 20% to 40% and gives you a 20% movement speed buff. He already has a hard time engaging on someone with winged blade, having to proc it, disengage, and reengage a lot of the time. My idea is to, on top of this, give him a slow immunity for the 3 second duration if you are able to land both abilities. This will help him with sticking to certain targets that are very annoying.
  2. Like I stated earlier, a .4s root is actually comical. My suggestion is to either A. buff the scaling on his ultimate from 80% to 100% to coincide with his most recent changes or B. double the root time allowing him to get those key 2 or so more auto attacks off. Roots are already one the weakest CC abilities in the game and gods like Anhur and Hou Yi just leap away from him and make a getaway.

I love this god, he is one my if not my favorites, but he's hard to play because if you fall behind(which realistically, you shouldn't in lane), you quickly become very ineffective. I feel like he just needs that baby extra oomph to get him going. Please give feedback/let me know your thoughts on this.

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