Lets Talk About: Mitra


i am a devout follower of Mitra, yet, i feel like his blessings are rather cheap when i look at what other Followers get.

The Statue of Refreshment he gets is glorious. Incredible cheap to make and you have a source of water even when your base is in the middle of a dry desert.

The Robes he gets are on paar with Hide Armor, but cheaper to repair and create (just plant fibre and some lingering essence…both dont spoil so you can keep it in reserve).

That is a great armor for early levels, unfortunatly, the time you can make it, you are going to be able to make Leather Armor.

Also you have to keep in mind the rather high costs to create the t2 Shrine, which is nothing compared to Sets Arrows or the awesome blessed meat of Yog you can get without even having to build a t2 Altar.

And while the Phoenix engraved sword looks dope as hell (and is really cheap to make), it will immediatly loose to any steel weapon (45 damage vs 60 damage of the steel sword). Considering that you need Steel Reinforcements to upgrade to t3 Altar, i rather spend the Steel on making a Longsword than getting the Engraced Sword….UNLESS there is something really special about it…which i havent figured out.

So, for me, while i do like the Justice of Mitra, i have the feeling(!) that other gods have more helpful tools and things to work with.

Has anyone noticed anything i have missed?

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