Lets talk about condensing the Server list, 165 servers for a game with 4-6k concurrent players makes no sense what so ever…


When this game came it out you didn't have to go anywhere to meet someone even if u were at places like wake hills you would run into ton of people. I play this game because I like the player interaction and this game feels like there is no one playing it I miss the days when I could go anywhere and meet tons of people, but that was because the game had nice player base prob somewhere between 13-18k players. It made sense to have this many servers when there was 40k players but not now…

What I think we should do:

It's a sad realization but we aren't at that level anymore even tho that level isn't really that good, there is no reason that JS should have 165 servers (82 US, 75 Eu, 3 AU etc.) . Imo I think we should condense this list for the next wipe and remove majority of the servers or do something testing with the servers maybe start with like 20 US, 15 EU, and leave AU, after all this EA we should test this kind of stuff.

What I expect to see:

is an increase on server populations while still giving people who prefer lower servers their option. You would be able to see and meet more people which will introduce more player interaction and give u the feeling that this game isn't dead, cause atm I just run into pv or anywhere and its just a ghost dead town.


Now someone at daybreak could do the math and see and compare the number of people to the # of servers and see how much they need to add or take out. But from someone who played since the beginning I think we should do 20 US servers or even 15 then divide them with low loot, pve, hardcore, and mostly pvp, and do the same for eu. This will make ppl feel like they not playing this game alone and its not dying and will make it that much more fun. This is just an opinion, thanks for reading.




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