Let’s talk about Bark Funcom, if you can.

So the game has been out for a good 25 days or so now, approaching a full month. Alot of good changes and progress has been made, an impressive amount of commitment and effort. Even bold decisions like the change in server provider to make sure they could provide a better experience. All of that is quite commendable, yall have been doing great overall :D.


But lets talk about Bark. Since early on it's become apparent that bark is much harder to acquire than any other non-end game material in the game. When mod support released it quicky became one of the most popular mods, because people don't find it fun to go spend 10+ minutes hitting trees with a pick for enough bark to feasibly use. It drives some people barking mad. But at the same time bark isn't exactly rare, you can get tons of it….it just takes forever and requires you to endlessly pick at trees.


Now if you want to keep it time limited, I think the playerbase would be ok with that. But not with the current implementation of picking trees. Embark on a mental journey with me to consider the following options. Just increasing bark acquisition via picking trees would speed things up, but I'm sure it was set low for a reason. That's just barking up the wrong tree. So to try and stay within that design goal we'd need another option.


There is a mod on the workshop that does something much more elegant. It gives you bark by making shaped wood. Getting bark and even branches from making shaped wood is great. It keeps the acquisition rate limited without tying up the player in a frustratingly tedious activity. It also makes complete thematic sense as you carry back unrefined logs and as part of the processing remove the bark and branches. I think this is a very good candidate for making part of the vanilla game personally. If this doesn't fit the design goals of the Conan Exiles dev team, I'd be genuinely curious to know why. I want to understand where it being limited fits within the balance and design of the game so I can appreciate that decision if at all possible. Though I do understand you may not possibly want to talk about things as of yet unreleased and undisclosed so may not be able to comment. Because right now it makes about as much sense to be as Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden (fantastic game though).


Link to the mod that gives you Bark via crafting Shaped Wood: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=862116109&searchtext=


But that's about it. Just making an official place to talk about it since, as things stand now, Conan's bark is worse than it's bite.

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