Lethal / Nonlethal


when i played the beta i noticed that there is nothing nonlethal in the game. once a opponent surrendered in front of me, i "accidentally" grabbed him and since there is no option to let loose, i knocked him out and the game told me that i couldnt kill civilians. so even a pistol grip to the head is considered as a kill in this game.

so i wondered if the game should make a difference between lethal and non lethal.. even more so i think nonlethal weapons should be a thing. i know its a military unit and they are out there to wage a war, but when you get a mission to secure Person of Interest xy before he flees with a car or heli, wouldnt it be nice to have one of your weapons with a nonlethal option, like a rubber bullet shotgun that knocks the person over for a short amount of time so you can secure him?

sure some would sacrifice one of the two primaries for such an option. even though the weapon would not have penetration or high range.

maybe its just me but non lethal weapons and options and cable ties would have added to the game.

what do you guys think, would it fit the game or is ghost recon not the type of unit to use such equipment? (also sorry for my bad english, not my native language)

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