Legit criticism of this game (minor spoilers)

Guys, dont go nuts. This is a good game, tons of fun, great freedom and interesting mechanics. but it isn't perfect. and in the future if we want nintendo to improve on the ground work they left in this game, we gotta point out where they can improve. So without further adue…

-The food system is broken, not so much early on but later on when you can easily have an entire screen full off full heal meals nothing can really threaten you. I literally had a screen full of full heal meals after beating the final boss, I did have to heal but never had to dip into my reserves, That is kinda silly. Also more complex recipes aren't actually better or more efficient they are just more complex.

-There is flat out too much climbing, and the default climb speed is too slow, this is a compound problem because not only do you spend a silly amount of time climbing but you can't really take advantage of your horses, if I have to scale a cliff every 1000 ft or so it kind makes horses more of a novelty rather then a utility.

-The dungeons were fun but too short, if you are going to only have 4, they have to be substantial. I think the desert one was the only one I thought was almost long enough, but they were all too short.

-Not enough enemy variety, you fight the same varieties of enemies through the hole game and it does get old. There are some obvious monsters that I am surprised didn't make the cut, Heavy hitting tanky iron knuckles/Dark Nauts would have fit in well and could have been a replacement for late game silver enemies, wolfos could have lead packs of wolves to attack link in wooded aries or even have been disguised as wolves. There are dozens of magic/tech robot enemies that would have fit right in alongside guardians. Redeads and poes could have acted as replacements for skeletons in some areas. Variety is the spice of life, so why should the biggest zelda game have one of the smallest bestiaries?

-I found the bosses really wanting, I only really enjoyed one of the 4 dungeon bosses. 2 of them I found laughably easy and the last I never figured out how to fight but managed to just tank all the hits to finish him off. (again, broken food system). The first part of the last boss I thought was fun and challenging but if you complete all 4 dungeons you fight a weakened version of him and I would have prefered to have the option to fight him at full power, and the second part of the last boss fight is just a spectacle, it looks cool but its way to easy and only hit me once seemingly on accident, I honestly thought there was a third form but there wasn't. I know nintendo can do better than this.

-Blessing shrines should be cut, I was disappointed whenever I found one of these, I would have prefered a proper shrine any day to these copouts. A good puzzle is a better reward than just a treasure chest, and there are WAY too many blessing shrines (in case you didn't notice blessing shrines are shrines with nothing except a chest and the spirit orb, they usually have a challenge to access them but many of them were really insubstantial, climb a pillar, light 4 torches, solve a simple puzzle.)

What are some of your criticisms of the game? do you think I'm wrong on my one gripes?

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