Legion Glyphs

Does anyone else feel like the Legion glyph system could use a whole rework? I love the idea of glyphs being cosmetic only, but the way they were integrated erks me.

All glyphs are spec specific. This means you will need to buy a glyph multiple times to have it on all your specs

If there is multiple glyphs for a certain spell, you will need to buy each, but you can only have one on the spell, and there's no way to keep both on your character. This means if you decide you want tattered wings on your DH, you need to give up green wings that you purchased before, and so on and so forth.

Some glyphs are spec specific, even if multiple specs have the ability. I read that prot paladins cannot use the 4 wing avenging wrath, which seems dumb since its literally the exact same ability.

Even doing something as simple as allowing your character to keep the glyphs you learn, and creating a submenu when you right click on an ability would help. Also making glyph not spec specific, as some of them can go for a ton of gold.

Just some ideas, interested in hearing other people's.

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