Lazy Recall presents: SPL Season 4 Spring Gauntlet and LAN Bracket Contest

Hi everyone,

I recently launched a SMITE-centric website: It follows the SPL, talks about the patches, god releases, and current news thus far. I am hoping to continue expanding it as time goes on – steering away from builds and guides as that is all pretty well covered.

Anyway, I love traditional sports and thought it would be fun to have a bracket challenge for the Spring Gauntlet and LAN (one for each). To that end, I am happy to run one for the good people of /r/Smite!

There will be a separate tournament for the Spring Gauntlet and the Spring Masters LAN (provided people like the Spring Gauntlet). As long as there are at least ten entrants, the tournament will proceed.


Winners will be based on the total number of points of the correct picks. The top three contestants with the most overall points will receive the following rewards:  

  • 1st: 3500 gems
  • 2nd: 2500 gems
  • 3rd: 1500 gems (or Ultimate God Pack, your choice).

If someone manages to get every single pick right, they will instead get 8000 gems. If multiple people tie, the places will be filled from top to bottom and everyone that ties gets the rewards (If five people tie for first they all receive the first place prize, but none are awarded for second and third, etc.)

Winners will need to send me their in-game names, but you do not need to do so until the Gauntlet has been completed.

Point Scoring:

You pick the overall set winner, overall set score (2-1, 2-0 in favor of your winner, etc), team to score first blood in the first two games, team to kill gold fury first in the first two games of the set, and team to kill fire giant first in the first two games of the set. There is no game three prediction to make it easier on me, sorry everyone.

The first set awards 1 points per correct pick, the second set awards 2 points per correct pick, and so on.


Send me your picks for the Spring Gaunlet via message.

You can track everyone's Spring Gauntlet choices here:

The formatting might change in the future, but I wanted to keep it easy on me for now. I hope you guys all participate (and check out the website and like it – but that's not required to play).

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