Launcher Window does not appear on Arch Linux (no obvious error message)

Disclaimer: As the title clearly states, this is on arch linux, which is not officially supported. However, it did previously work.

Now that that's out of the way… I have installed the Albion Online launcher installed on my machine using the binary provided on their website. It did previously work without a issues. I have always launched it as ~/albiononline/Albion-Online.

However, since about a week ago, the launcher window does no longer appear when I launch the installed launcher. A process is started, though it doesn't seem to do anything and no error message appears in the console, in dmesg or in journalctl. My only clue so far is the launcher's log which ends after "Checking diskspace on /home/USER/albiononline/launcher". After that, the launcher process seems to stall until I kill it without a window ever appearing.

Launching the game binary directly and bypassing the launcher seems to work, but obviously, the game doesn't get patched. I could always patch it "manually" by downloading the giant ~900MB zips on my measly ~200kbps connection, but the launcher itself does a much better job as it seems to download zipped diffs of the modified files, which is much better for my connection speed.

~/albiononline/Albion-Online seems to be a dummy that just launches ~/albiononline/launcher/Albion-Online as far as I can tell. Calling the latter directly also seems to work, though the webpage view showing current news and the like is all messed up. I can also not tell whether it would patch correctly.

$ cat ~/albiononline/launcher/version.txt launcher-linux-full- 

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon and/or know anything about it?

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  1. Yes, I am having same issue on ARCH, I bypassed the launcher, but today new patch is out, so trying to fix it somehow. Obviously, googling being the first step :-).

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