Land claim needs major work.

I've gone around on the officials now and seen something very, very, detrimental. Not only do foundations cause building claims, but campfires, bedrolls, and any other placeable object will cause another claim to be set.

None of these objects should ever have claims on building land, ESPECIALLY not the same distance as a foundation.

Going from the bottom of the map up to the middle of the map there was almost nowhere to set anything down, I'd either have one random lone foundation sitting on it or a bedroll would be hiding in a bush and I'd have to find and break it.

Something lore-friendly that claims land in a much smaller radius should be implemented. A skull-effigy for example would be neat to have to place inside your home to keep it claimed. Make these claim objects breakable by stone tools. The objective is to keep it secure, and breakable in the South by trolls trying to prevent noobs from getting started with a bedroll and a campfire.

Bedrolls, campfires, and all other place-ables should not have claims. Only ownership. If they have claims, they immediately grief building.

Not only this, but things like campfires should not be locked. What on earth would lock a campfire? What prevents people from using a campfire when it's abandoned, just sitting there forever? Campfires shouldn't be locked, and in-home placeables, potentially, in my opinion, should require locks to actually lock them to everyone.

Soft side walls and doors. This needs to be implemented. For whatever reason, there's "Outer Face" yet it actually doesn't do anything for tools. In my opinion, iron tools should be able to break "Inner Face" walls and doors to enable you to actually infiltrate someone's home when they're on if you wanted to. If you are going to keep foundations as land claims, this, at least, needs to be implemented. The top of the foundation, the part you stand on, should be weak to iron to prevent land-claim griefing.

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