Lack of BP rewards for Squad play is a problem

I've already searched for similar threads and they all seem to be completely disregarded and shut down with the same tired arguments, of "it's easier" and "there's 25 teams instead of 99".

First of all, it is most certainly NOT easier. If you ever lose a squadmate, you're at a permanent disadvantage for the rest of the game against squads who still have four players. Lose two guys in a 4v4 fight? Well, now if you run into another squad you're potentially looking at a 2v4. In solo play, it will only ever be a 1v1, or 1v1v1, or 1v1v1v1, etc. Circle forces you to cross over bad terrain? Now you have to worry about getting shot by up to 4 people all hiding and communicating your position with each other.

Also, getting 132 points for getting rank 3 feels really unsatisfying. Everyone in every other thread I've read will say "there's 3 teams so there's still 12 players left, you're not even in the top 10". That argument is very flawed because by the time there is only 3 teams left they very very rarely are full teams. You're very often looking at teams of 2 people left, sometimes 3, and single survivors. And even if they WERE all full teams and there were 12 players left, I STILL get more points for getting less kills and coming in 20th in solos than I do for taking rank 3 in squads.

Look at this clip from the list of top-threads of all time on this subreddit:

He comes in second place in a squad match where there was only one other person left besides him. He gets 138 points. Yes, he didn't get any kills, but if that was a solo he would have gotten over double that amount.

A lot of you don't think it's a problem, but when I play 4 hours of squads and get maybe 500 – 800 points total, meanwhile I can play 4 hours of solos and come out with 2000+ points or more, there is a problem.

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