Kuzenbo tips and tricks.

Kuzenbo is in a weird spot with an awkward kit. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of people who would rather complain about him than offer advice on how to play him. Here are a few things I've discovered while playing kuzenbo.

His entire kit and how it combos relies on his 1, Nene kappa. Before you 3, you should Nene. This will allow you to pin someone to a wall while Nene beats on the poor guy you've pinned. Before you ult (if it's an engage) you should Nene. This will distract them from the initial knock up and give you free damage on whom ever you're beating on.

If you're disengaging with ult, use your 2. This will encourage the enemy team to leave you alone.

Nene, your 1 clears absurdly fast at level 1. This will allow you and adc to do purple buff before wave and only miss a minion or two. Which also means you'll hit level 2 before your opposition.

Nene can also act as a ward. If you're unsure you can ricochet your Nene into a camp for temporary vision on the camp.

Build wise, I find that due to his passive, 150-175 prots is all you really need and again due to his passive I heavily encourage a more health build alongside spirit robes. If you get cc'd spirit robes ensures you don't lose those protections you'll desperately need late game.

You'll need mana regen if you decide to level your 1. It'll go quickly if you don't.

Nene can tank towers and camps and can bodyblock adc shots. The few I've seen played disregard this aspect but honestly, 3-5 tower shots is quite a bit and early game, blocking shots is really strong when trying to pressure lane.

Any other tips or tricks?

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