Kuzenbo buff/change ideas.

Everyone at this point realizes that Kuzenbo is honestly bad. I decided to come up with some change ideas to make more of his kit viable than just his 2.

1) Make him lose only 2 stacks when displaced. Considering you are losing 20% of your health to build up 10% damage mitigation just to have a single Belly Flop knock out half your stacks, the passive just isn't worth it.

2) Make the duration of the NeNe Kappa scale with the rank of the ability OR increase its health. Increasing its duration could make it a very helpful ability early game for players that max it out, especially if you Jungle with Kuzenbo. Increasing its health would keep the Kappa itself viable at all times of the game by removing the ability to 1 shot it after the early game. The increase of health would also reflect the fact that this is the 'pet' of a GUARDIAN. As for the ability to split push with it, the removal of pets counting towards removal of back-door protections nullifies that argument pretty well.

3) Make Shell Spikes have a set 14 second cooldown. Yes, this is a nerf but with rebalancing other abilities to be better Shell Spikes can take a small hit.

4) Sumo Slam NEEDS to be able to grab people more consistently. The changes I suggest are either increasing the width of the grab to make it easier to grab the 1 person with it OR allow it to grab additional people at later ranks. As it is, Sumo Slam is an overall worse version of Tyr's dash. Of course, to make this fair we can undo the buff to it's damage (which was a buff that completely missed the problem with the ability).

5) Finally, his ult NEEDS to have CC immunity instantly. It is literally the most WORTHLESS form of peel in the game when every character can stop the ability from even going through. To make matters worse, the ult is bad for setting up kills thanks to the fact that the knock back on it is so unpredictable. You may accidentally throw someone at your team when trying to peel OR throw them away when you are just trying to set up kills. This ability should honestly just not have knock back at all and just knock up enemies.

I'm not saying all of these changes need to be made but in my opinion at least SOME of them need to be made. If you have more/better ideas for ways to fix Kuzenbo please tell me.

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