Kudos to UBISOFT ; Can’t wait for the Full Game

Going through this REDDIT, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of criticism (and hate) leveraged at UBISOFT. I am frankly puzzled. Like some here, I’ve spent my weekend in the Closed Beta (XBOX One) and my excitement for the game, if anything, has only risen. A couple of positive observations:

. As stated by some already, the game looks stunning given the size of the map, level of detail, and absence of load times. I find this to be a remarkable technical feat;

. I do not understand the requirement for a ‘lock to cover’ mechanic. It worked for The Division (which I also played a ton of) but this is a different game entirely ; The Division’s bullet sponge mechanic really required a strong cover system to ensure survivability ; GRW is a completely different animal. In fact, I found the ‘soft cover’ system in the BETA to work extremely well and the ‘interim’ position (from soft-cover to full ADS) to be a really nice touch ; this gives the impression the operator is rounding the corner while lining up the shot;

. UBI needs to be commended for allowing the game to be played on one’s own terms, offering the ability to tweak the difficulty and feedback (HUD) to satisfy both casual (e.g. Just Cause / Mercenaries) and milsim (ARMA) players. While I fall squarely in the latter category, I applaud the flexibility;

. Regarding flight controls, I agree the current layout defies conventional wisdom, especially when compared to GTA V or BF4 but I think the criticism is harsh. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it and my mates and I concluded the controls work quite well. Like anything, one needs a bit of practice;

. The level of customization for clothes and weapons (you can catch a glimpse of the total weapon count in the BETA) is quite robust and will thus allow would-be operators to mix-and-match to their hearts content. No issues there;

. Some of the posts here focusing on the absence of fidelity WRT equipment are, in my mind, over the top. UBI is a game developer, not a Federal Contractor developing the perfect MILSIM environment for operational training. Their job is to straddle ‘fun’ and ‘realism’ and the current offering of equipment meshes nicely with that approach;

Bottom-line: GRW is a solid entry into the GR family of products ; if the BETA is any indication, the game will bring a ton of content and flexibility to offer a robust experience for both casual and milsim gamers alike. I personally can’t wait…

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