King Of the Hill

Having come from Arma 3 and how many of the aspects between Ghost Recon Wildands and Arma 3 match up such as an open world, Huge maps, having access to all sorts of different vehicles, weapons, parachutes, ETC. I felt it would be a good idea to bring up King Of The Hill.

If any of you have played Arma 3 you will know that one of the popular modes is King of the Hill, Where with 3 different teams fighting after a hill that is about the size of a city.

For those of you who do not know about how it is in Arma 3 it goes as follows:

  • each team gets a main base where they can safely spawn get in a chopper or Vehicle and make their way to the hill.

  • Each person gains access to Weapons, Perks, and other items via Rank and Purchasing power via money.

  • The idea is obviously to have as many people in the hill at a time while trying to lower the number of enemy units in the hill at the same time.

  • Whatever team has the most units at the hill gains points 1 point per minute.

  • You gain EXP and Cash for being in the hill, Reviving Friendly units, Killing enemy units, and dropping friendly units off at the the Hill.

This can be done in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The map is plenty big for three factions. there is no need for AI so the Performance wouldn't suffer due to having unnecessary units on the map at any given time.

I know that the Developers probably already have their ideas for what they want for the game as far as PVP. This just seems like its a dream shot and i will post it on here and on UBI forums i hope it gains traction.

Feedback is welcome!

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