Kil’Jaeden is hidden among us (Theory)

What soul did we put into Illidan's body?

The last we have heard of Kil'Jaeden, he was speaking to Gul'dan (via telepathy or something along those lines) while Gul'dan was looking for the Tomb of Sargeras.

This can be found in the Blizzard Audio drama, which takes place right before the events of Legion.

Anyways, Kil'Jaeden has been surprisingly inactive throughout our encounters with the Legion so far; or has he? You think someone as powerful as him would not simply just be hanging out at the bottom of the Tomb of Sargeras, waiting on us to come to him.

He is THE deceiver.

It's not a crazy thought to think he is among us now, pulling strings in the Legion's favor. It would be weak writing (in my opinion) to have no further setbacks before going to Argus. I think going to Argus will be a desperation mission, not somewhere to go to "keep the victory streak going." This leads me to my theory. Ready? Sounds crazy, but here it is.

We didn't put Illidan's soul into Illidan's body, we put KJ's soul into it.

Okay, that sounds crazy i know, but I'll break it down on how it can make sense:

  1. KJ is a deceiver, this is something he would do. When it comes to him, nothing is as it seems.

  2. The Legion betrayed our world Gul'dan already by killing him (ripping him to shreds by demons a long time ago). How poetic would it be for the Legion (KJ in Illidan's body) to kill and betray him again.

  3. Theories have been out there that Light's Heart could be KJ in disguise. Who was on on top of the spire to help us put "Illidan's" soul back into his body? Yeah. There's more there from other theories but it isn't too far out there. Light's Heart could be speaking to us, just as KJ spoke to Gul'dan. Everything we have come to know in our campaign comes from Lights Heart, if it's corrupt, so is our perception on what's good.

  4. KJ could have gotten to Illidan's soul first. He has it already in his possession, so lights heart sends us on a BS mission to prepare the way for KJ to take over Illidan's body. It could play out we go to the Tomb, find out that Illidan, who was "helping" us all along, turns into KJ and that we must defeat him. In the process, we save Illidan's real soul, which is in KJ's possession, and it finally returns to his body.

Things that this theory banks on:

  1. KJ can take the appearance of anyone. In this case, his soul going into Illidans body, but able to be shifted into his true form we see on the PTR data mining.

  2. Lights Heart is truly corrupt. It is weird how we failed to save the last Naaru that could open it, yet it somehow opened up anyway after Velens son destroyed the last key to it.

  3. Tomb of Sargeras ending on a sour note. Killing Gul'dan then turning around and killing KJ 4 months after him seems like a lot of victory in a short time span.

Again, this whole theory comes from the thought that KJ is a deceiver. If he were to just sit back and wait for us and be a simple final raid boss in plain sight, I would say Blizzard blew an opportunity there. I know it can sound crazy, but time will tell. All I know is something doesn't seem quite right (enter Suramar meme).

Let me know what you guys think! Any false information I gave please call me out, I'm not the biggest person in lore but I have found the lore in the expansion to suck me in.

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