Just wanted to finalize my experience after 34 hours of play…

First of all,

Thank you so much, Ubisoft, for this game. That was one of my best gaming experiences ever. I haven't played Devision, so I might be very biased here, but still. For me the most noticeable advantages of the game were:

1) Open world. I could believe I'm actually playing a tactical shooter in an open world. I was astonished during my first minutes of the game when I realised that i can get a car and go literally anywhere and do almost anything.

2) Tactical stuff is good. I liked the concept of synchronised shot so much.

3) Visually game is beautiful. People have already pointed out some nice nature views, made some gifs. I enjoyed every part of this digital world: mountains, towns, outposts, roads, highways, villages, mansions, rural parts of the country. The game looks fantastic. 4) I somewhat believed the world you have drawn for us, to an extent everything going on there does indeed make some sense.

5) I loved dialogues generally. Voice acting is cool.

6) Some of characters are very nice. Bowman is an awesome character

7) You did a fantastic job making minimap fucking useful. It is clear how to use it, it is VERY helpful and well designed. For me the cherry on the pie was the fact that you can press F on a skill and get a hint where you get supplies to boost your skill. Someone in your company did a great job on thinking this through.

8) I enjoyed a lot combat system. I know some people(maybe hardcore players) were partly unhappy – worked fine for me though.

9) To be honest, I did not feel the game is repetitive. May be a little bit, but going through main storyline was very enjoyable. Loved cutscenes. Absolutely loved both endings! The thing is that I really can believe these endings, not a stupid happy-end. Thanks for that.

However, there were moments that were a) annoying as fuck b) literally pissed me. Thos were: 1) Helicopter flying. This is broken. Yes, I figured out how to fly. Still seems to be annoying and broken. At the same time flying planes seems to be fine. But flying helicopter is not. Flying mechanics makes almost impossible to use miniguns deployed on some machines.

2) Getting over hedges, boxes,etc. I wasn't able to get the logic. Sometimes you can get over the high hedge and its fine, sometimes you can't get over something of the same height. You just cant. You hit whitespace, but nothing happens. The inability to consistently being able to get over stuff is annoying. You never know which obstacles you will get over and which ones you will know.

3) Rock climbing. Oh my god. This shit was killing me. Same as 2.

4) When you get killed sometimes you are respawned in the middle of nowhere. If you've got cooldown on vehicle dropdown, good luck running.

5) Driving. Holy shit. Why can I destroy a stone wall with the car but getting stoped by a fucking wooden box on the ground? What the hell? Why? Why? That was awesome. It is like you running away extracting something and suddenly find yourself stopped by a wooden box?????? Broken. You pretend to get this working in a realistic way – and destroyed stone walls look awesome, but at the same time you cant destroy a box. wtf. And yeah, you can't destroy bloody lamp posts!! You car can stand million bullets, a rocket and a minigun shooting, but god damn it it cant destroy a bloody lamp posts! This is very frustrating. Very very very frustrating. It is not like I want to destroy everything, but getting stuck on a lamp post? Cmon.

6) Disappearing bodies. You killed a guy and his friend was not able to see a dead body near by. No, this is totally wrong. This defeats the idea of being stealthy and plan ahead. Why plan if you can just kill everyone and if you are patient, their comrades will notice nothing.

7) As it was pointed out before, progressing through main story does not affect the world. If the cartel is almost destroyed I would like to see less unidad, less thugs, more rebellion. I'm not asking for rebellion tribes fighting each other for power, that would be way too much. But atm there is influence you make on the world you're trying to save. This is discouraging.

8) Why cant you use rebellion help while driving? What is wrong with requesting mortar strike while approaching enemy positions?

Despite all these cons, that game was fantastic. 9 out of 10. Thanks for reading!

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