Just some admin to player banter and admin abuse after 169hrs AU/NZ Vanilla Oceanic PVP

Right, so this is my first reddit post apologize for that, but I just wanted to explain my experience on reddit about my time in Conan Exiles.

My clan and I put over 160hrs each into AU/NZ Vanilla Oceanic PVP only for it to come to a halt after raiding his base. If you see an admin called Yuusha Az, stay clear of him and that server.





Log of conversation Sollyz: It's bittersweet.

Sollyz: http://oi64.tinypic.com/2psoppy.jpg

Sollyz: http://oi63.tinypic.com/2z9mam9.jpg

Yuusha Az is now Online.

Sollyz: http://oi64.tinypic.com/jqq2xc.jpg

Sollyz: no i'll stay, but are you ready for the next part, the part where i floor the base.

Yuusha Az: lol

Yuusha Az: dude this is YOUR vendetta

Yuusha Az: why should i care?

Yuusha Az: dont be such a baby

Sollyz: You and I both know what you did

Yuusha Az: what i did?

Sollyz: Words don't need to explain that.

Yuusha Az: wtf are u on about now

Sollyz: I don't make accusations without facts, maybe you had something to do with it, maybe you didn't i'll never know, but what I do know is that what ever Zou was doing wasn't legit.

Yuusha Az is now playing Conan Exiles. Click here to join.

Yuusha Az: omg are u serious right now

Yuusha Az: i HAVE facts

Yuusha Az: the fact that he doesnt have admin pw

Yuusha Az: and the server is battleye protected

Yuusha Az: also the fact that you guys are acting like the biggest bunch of babies

Yuusha Az: cause u got wrecked 3v1

Sollyz: It's not possible.

Yuusha Az: and im getting really sick of u guys messaging me on steam with all this drama

Yuusha Az: i dont like drama

Yuusha Az: so if y'all wanna earn a ban im happy to make u guys first

Yuusha Az: dont want toxic shit on my server

Sollyz: Anyways, i'm not being toxic, just giving you an invitation to the fireworks.

Yuusha Az: you guys are being very toxic

Yuusha Az: i doubt anyone on the server would complain if i banned you three

Sollyz: Probably not, i'm just raiding a guy that killed me 🙂

Yuusha Az: frankly im real sick of you bitching at me just because u cant hack being beaten in a fight

Yuusha Az: correction

Yuusha Az: a guy that defended his base

Yuusha Az: u came looking for a fight

Yuusha Az: and lost

Yuusha Az: then cried about it to admin

Yuusha Az: saying its hax

Yuusha Az: then accused me of being in on it

Yuusha Az: all cause u cant handle losing to someone better than u

Yuusha Az: its pathetic

Sollyz: anyways not going to argue.

Yuusha Az: no

Yuusha Az: ur gonna get banned instead

Yuusha Az: so apologise

Yuusha Az: or piss off

Yuusha Az: im done with this drama

Sollyz: Okay i apologize for voicing my complaints, i understand you wish to hear nothing about it and will discontinue from messaging you in the future about any server drama.

Yuusha Az: no

Yuusha Az: thats not what im looking for

Yuusha Az: i dont give a shit if u bitch

Yuusha Az: i care if u start accusing me of assisting ppl to cheat

Yuusha Az: all because u cant hack being killed

Yuusha Az: so heres whats gonna happen

Sollyz: never mentioned hacks not once Yuusha

Yuusha Az: its implicit

Sollyz: just said it doesn't feel right to me,

Yuusha Az: exactly

Yuusha Az: implicit in what you said

Yuusha Az: dont try to play word games its not helping ur case

Yuusha Az: u and i both know you insinuated that i knew about something hes doing

Yuusha Az: that is cheating

Yuusha Az: or doesnt feel right

Yuusha Az: implying something not legit

Yuusha Az: ie cheating

Sollyz: Okay if you say you had nothing to do with, you had nothing to do with it, understood.

Yuusha Az: now ur just as guilty as he is

Yuusha Az: you are the first person to exploit glitches

Yuusha Az: he killed u and u looted ur body from death

Yuusha Az: you use explosive glitches to raid ppl

Yuusha Az: so dont bitch at me about others doing shit that dont feel right

Sollyz: Wasn't the only two server rules don't build near camps and don't block off people from accessing areas?

Yuusha Az: cause a lot of what u do dont feel right also

Sollyz: I've always been straight up with you.

Yuusha Az: well thats a lie

Sollyz: I told you about the explosives yesterday.

Yuusha Az: you told me you dont exploit bs glitches like that

Yuusha Az: and yet ive caught you doing it

Sollyz: I told you in plain English.

Yuusha Az: not to mention the duping glitch

Yuusha Az: that you pretended not to know about

Sollyz: I have two explosives :')

Sollyz: If we duped we'd have a much bigger stock pile then that of what we do, and dreamzz wouldn't have got so mad about our new base being built.

Yuusha Az: ok well enjoy your ban

Yuusha Az: you can explain to ish and dreamzz why the are also banned

Sollyz: I already knew it was coming, it does prove my point.

Sollyz: I will be taking this to reddit though, so maybe change your steam name and server name?

Yuusha Az: well im glad u got ur point proved

Yuusha Az: ws it worth it?

Yuusha Az: yeah i shall thanks

Yuusha Az: oh wait

Yuusha Az: i dont care

Yuusha Az: so i wont

Yuusha Az: go have a big sook

Yuusha Az: idgaf

Sollyz: You're just a hypocritcal lying piece of shit.

Yuusha Az: i have more than enough reason to ban you

Yuusha Az: and i did warn you

Yuusha Az: and i gave u a chance to make it right

Sollyz: You're just another admin abuser.

Yuusha Az: instead you wanna be a dick about it

Yuusha Az: sure thing mate

Yuusha Az: goodbye

Yuusha Az: ill be sure not to remember you or your pathetic whinge

Sollyz: I lost due to admin abuse.

Sollyz: I'm okay with that.

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