Just had the most AWESOME Elimination experience.

So I'm not trying to sound cocky or anything, but I'm a really good Warden. I'm sitting at a 87% win rate for Dueling. Why you need to know this will become clear later.

So I go into Elimination to finish off the daily Order. There is another Warden on the enemy team, and he is the only Warden. By some strange chance of fate, I face this Warden for ALL 5 rounds.

Rounds 1-4, I obliterated the poor guy. I was starting to feel bad, because two of the rounds I didn't even lose any health to him.

Round 5 starts, and I'm against him again! He runs strait to the ledge, and starts doing to "fall" emote for me to end him. I go over there, guard stance active because I'm unsure if it's a trap or if he really wants me to throw him. I go up to him, guard break him and throw him away from the ledge. He runs over to the ledge again. I guard break him again and keep throwing him away from the ledge. This went on a few more times before he finally chose to fight. He ran to the middle of the arena, and I followed. We both emoted to each other to signify the start of our glorious duel.

Now it gets even better! I was playing in a public match with 100% randoms. My team eliminated all of the enemy team on the last round without any of us dying. So I was incredibly worried that our duel was gonna get ganked and all of my effort to prevent him from giving up was going to go to waste. But it wasn't! All 3 of my team mates stood on the sidelines, cheering us on in battle.

We started dueling, and holy crap, he actually was winning! This was a complete turn around from the previous 4 rounds in which I was demolishing him. Keep in mind I didn't want to lose and I was not going easy on him, but a part of me also started cheering him on as I wanted to see him overcome all of this and beat me! We had a very long and intense duel, without interruption, and both of us were down to 1/4th health. He made a mistake, and I guard broke him, threw him into a wall, and top heavy killed him. Out of respect, I chose not to execute him.

I honestly wish he would have been able to beat me, as I feel like it would have made this story so much cooler, but if I gave him the win, it wouldn't have been a win at all. I've had my fair share of bullshit, salt, and even rage posts on this Reddit, but this one particular match made that all up for me! This was the coolest moment I've ever experienced, and we both shot each other a message on Xbox and now the dude is on my friends list. Never have I seen anything more awesome or honorable than what occurred today.

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