Just finished my first playthrough…

This was my first time ever playing a Souls game. After spending about a month on For Honor, I realized how shitty of a game it was and starting looking for something new…

It was around the time the Ringed City DLC released. DS3 was all over Twitch, so I checked it out. I heard about Dark Souls, how it's difficulty is enough to cause hundreds of dollars in property damage, but it couldn't be that hard, right?

I was wrong.

I went to GameStop and picked up some overpriced used copy, brought it home, and put the disk in. I was excited, but I had no idea what to expect. I tried to keep my prior knowledge to a minimum, as I like experiencing things as they happened instead of ahead of time.

I head through the tutorial, and get to the first bonfire. I was feeling good, but I knew about what awaited me beyond. After spending 10 minutes figuring out how the hell to sprint jump, I mustered up the courage to trudge forward towards my first ever Dark Souls boss fight.

It wasn't pretty. 2 hours of furiously mashing the dodge button ensued, but when I downed him, I flipped out. The rush it gave me was unparalleled. And so my journey began…

Once I got the hang of the general mechanics of the game, it got easier. Vordt was dead once I figured out I could roll under him, Curse-Rotted Greatree was a joke, Crystal Sages gave me a little trouble but nothing too hard.

Then I found myself staring down the Abyss Watchers. This is when things changed. Try after try, failure after failure. I became tilted. 3 hours passed with minimal progress, until I couldn't take it anymore. I turned off my console in a fit of rage and stormed away. I was discouraged, on the brink of giving up.

A day passed, and I decided to give it another try. With determination burning in my heart, I traversed the fog wall. Within one try, he was dead! I was reinvigorated, ready to head forward.

That boss fight changed me. I was no longer a panic roller. I became patient and calm, waiting until the last second to react. Pontiff was my next big challenge, and threatened to put me on tilt, but I would not allow it. I persevered, and took him down in about an hour and a half. Seeing a foe that bested you so many times fall, this is a feeling like no other in gaming.

This story has already gone on long enough, so I will make it quick. I found myself with all bosses defeated except Soul of Cinder. I heard he was tough, but I had defeated both the Twin Princes and Nameless King the past two days, so I was ready to finish my quest.

When I first entered the arena, chills went down my spine. As I watched him rest by his bonfire, epic music blaring in the background, I applied my buffs and collected my nerves. I stepped forward, and he stood up and dashed towards me. I got destroyed. However, after taking a little to learn his move set, I was able to beat him within 30 minutes!

90 hours after rising from the dead in the Cemetery of Ash, I was linking the flame. I used no summons, no guides, only my own perseverance. And a few much needed breaks of sitting around in Anor Londo spamming L1 with a few others to keep from losing my sanity. Overall, it was an amazing journey, and I am ready to embark on the DLC.

TLDR; this game is fuckin cool yo

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