Just bought the game(2/16/17) and its broken….Someone help….?

Hello all,

I just bought the game and it seems thanks to the last patch, the wireframe guide for building objects is gone….which I believe is a huge part of the reason I bought the game and I am experiencing stuttering and laggy-sometimes-crashy gameplay.

Also, my PC specs are I7-6700 @ 4.0 OC, GTX970 4GB OC (+212 core, +500 mem, 110% power, +87mv, fan @ 100%), WD HDD, 16GB DDR4 RAM @ 2800 mhz. I run almost every game I own on Ultra settings. Dark Souls 3, GTA 5, Skyrim+billionmods, MGSV, Witcher3, Shadow Of Mordor, etc. All pretty detailed and gpu intensive games.

I am experiencing severe lag, fps stuttering, and crashing on a local server(solo). I am trying to tweak it in the NVIDIA panel(I could use help here), but no luck. I run GTA 5 on ULTRA! with everything turned up, and get a constant 50-55 FPS! There is no way that this early access game is rendering that many individual texture meshes to cause a stutter. At uncapped, I will hit as high as 270 FPS but then My FPS falls as low as 7-10(need help here). its hella annoying. I know it says you need a 1070 or better for ultra, but fuck that, for every game that said I need better to run ultra, I've shatted in their faces by tweaking my OC for best results. (Heaven 4.0). For all those that will say JUST buy a new GPU, yeah JUST send me the money to(dont need help here).

I would really appreciate the DEV team to fix this building wireframe guide issue and also add in optimization so I can run this game like I do all my other ones! It sucks that for the first 12 hours I was just building blind and in frustration thinking it was the actual normal way to do it, until I watched a youtube video that made me feel absolutely retarded and angry. If anyone else has graphical issues, please chime in. If anyone has figured out why I/everyone is having these problems, please share.

Also, besides the wiki, is there a documentation that explains the game?

Thank you all in advanced.



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