Just bought Nioh! Overwhelmed.

Howdy all! Been following the sub for a bit and finally wound up buying this after deciding not to get Horizon. Got a few questions and tried searching here but couldn't find a TON of info so here it goes:

Coming from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, the stats and equipment is a little overwhelming.

There are multiple modifiers and stat lines that, even with the descriptors is a bit jarring. Any tips on stats to look out for?

I'm currently running a Spear/Kusarigama build and haven't been dying but noticing it's taking quite a long time to kill basic enemies. All my equipment is blue with a few purples thrown in.

I've been putting most stats into Dex for the time being with some skill as well. Are there "soft caps" in this game?

Last would be combat. I typically use mid and low with some high thrown in particularly when behind enemies. Is there any basic combos and is changing stances mid combo something that's recommended? I ki pulse typically after every combo and think I'm doing ok but not really sure.

Last on skills. I'm aware weapon skills overlap. Is this correct? Are there any basic skills one should pick up at the start or a tree that I should lean towards? Was thinking my weapon tree of spear and gama but not sure the best route.

Help here would be awesome! Thanks!

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