Just beat the main story… WOW

So let me start this off by saying this is my first Reddit post and after playing this game non-stop since the day it came out, I had to post about it.

I'm definitely not "new to gaming", but only got my ps4 this past Christmas. I played all 4 uncharted games in January and into February, and they truly blew my mind! So so good. But now, to Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I had been waiting on this game since that e3 trailer a few years back… and it did NOT DISAPPOINT!!

Aloy is an amazing character and the story this game presents is magical. I love it. The combat was what really set it apart for me though. The abilities and weapons are so much fun, and I love how there's multiple strategies to defeat some of the tougher robots (DAMN you rock breakers lol)

I beat the main story, and without too many spoilers, and the end I thought was wrapped up nicely. The last battle at Meridian felt so intense, like I was actually fighting for my life!

I still haven't got the platinum trophy yet, but best believe I will!

Now that I have beaten the game though, I want to hear some of your favorite moments in the story or just running around on the hunt.

One of mine has to be the first time I knocked off one of the Thunderjaws cannon's (which I genuinely had NO idea that it could do) picked it up and blasted it to smithereens!!

Love the game and the community on this sub. I can't wait to keep exploring this amazing world.


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