Just beat the game. My thoughts…

I enjoyed this game very much and the end sequence was very satisfying. The entire final mission was great actually. Overall, I still think the game lacks in atmosphere and level design (with some exceptions) but the combat is so good. The environments and enemies were reused a bit too much but the combat feels great and really shines as the best aspect of the game. Gameplay is great and that makes it enjoyable. I want to keep playing, to start farming divines and see how far I want to keep going. I struggled a lot in Nioh but kept pushing through time and time again and that is rewarding. The hardest bosses for me were the Ice Queen and the Bird Man. The easiest bosses for me were the Spider Lady and the Ogress. Also most of the late game bosses were pushovers and forgettable. Somewhere around Region 4 to 5 and especially into 6 the game just became much easier. Anyway, the COOLEST boss was the Frog definitely. Here is a rundown of my 600 deaths in my playthrough: 150 deaths to the Ice Queen, 150 deaths to the Bird Man, 150 times falling into the water on the Dock Level (William needs to learn how to swim), and 150 deaths trying to dodge out of a combo instead of just hitting the stupid block button (Ahhhh). I made it through and I am proud of overcoming my struggle with this beast of a game. Now onto the Divine gear farm until I move on to another game. Great game, lots of death but lots of fun, too. Thanks.

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