Just a reminder for your “what I’m hoping for in D2” posts

At this point I'm gonna start reminding people that, as Activision has confirmed D2 for this year, for the second time, we are less than 9 months from release. Possibly as little as 7.

Not a game dev but have vague familiarity with development cycles. If Activision is confident of releasing in Q4, that means right now that D2 is very likely in Alpha. Which means that it is now, or at least is very close to, "feature complete", the point where they will not add any more features (or feature freeze). Correct me if I'm wrong, any actual professionals reading this?

So, just saying, the people at Bungie might be seeing these posts (and Cozmo did say somewhere that he does a periodic roundup of frequent/trending requests to share with the game directors)—but features that aren't already built aren't going in the release. At least not at launch; highly requested features or stuff that didn't get done in time might show up in DLC. And content requests are another story.

That totally isn't to say you shouldn't talk about what you hope to see in the game—i mean I usually like reading all these ideas. Nor that we shouldn't communicate ot Bungie about what we want.

And yes, it's totally possible that the feature you want is one of the things they have already built (unless youre talking about trading, crafting, dedicated servers…some of the requests that keep popping up are pretty long shots)

Just be aware that what you're asking for, what you expect to see, and what you hope for in the best of all possible worlds, can well be very different things at this stage.

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