Just a little rant….

So, before the wipe, me and a buddy were working to get the scrub sets. I called in about 20-25 airdrops before i completed my sets. All of the duplicates went to him and we got him the Kuruma Set. He only needed the Pink Shirt and the Hugs Needed hat to complete the other two sets. We hopped on the server about two weeks before the latest wipe and someone had put bee boxes in ever door/window inside and out. No one could get in even the people that put them there. So we moved to another server to start over on the two remaining sets he needed. We didn't manage to get it but no worries, we keep trying after the wipe. We played yesterday trying to get a base up and what not. Logged on today and the hospital has bee boxes in all the doorways. Blah! Not only that but the person who did it made a base close enough that they can open a gate, walk it, and jump into the second floor. We are on a low-pop server so its not like they have to fight over the ingredients needed to get the scrubs. Especially when they are on at a totally different time then us. I haven't seen anyone else looking for stuff at the hospital besides us. Anyway, i am no coder by any means, but what would it take to make it where you can't put things in the hospital? I am a little frustrated that we cant play the game and enjoy ourselves because one group ruins it for the rest.

That is all! Thank you for any response!


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