Just a few suggestions!

1) Add a 'Hardcore' difficulty that actually changes how you play the game instead of just making the enemies more deadly (remove on-team respawning during missions, remove fast travel, minimalise HUD elements, increase the CD of abilities like the Drone, increase reload times etc etc)

2) Make the clothing camouflage actually match between different items – Right now, the multicam helmet, top and trousers all have varying shades.

3) Match the lighting on the character preview in the Gunsmith to the in game lighting – Currently, you choose a nice looking camo for your weapon, only for it to look completely different when you see it in game.

4) Nerf the drone – You have a totally infinite supply of drones that seem to be completely invisible to enemy AI; meaning within a couple of minutes of scoping out an enemy position you have essentially enabled total wall-hacks for your entire group by spamming the drone. Either significantly increase the cooldown or let us only carry a specific number.

4) Improve vehicle handling/controls – in their current form, they are just broken. I WANT to travel around the map and see all the hardwork that was put into its detail, but with vehicles controls/handling as it is, fast travel is the only way.

5) Give the host total control over difficulty – Letting players join your game only for them to run it on the easiest difficulty whilst you are on the hardest just ruins it for both players.

6) Allow disabling shots – Being able to bring down a lieutenant with a pistol shot to the leg before he has a chance to escape would be a cool and much appreciated mechanic.

7) Please allow us to turn off AI team mate chatter – I just wanted to quit the game after hearing the same stupid joke for the 4th time whilst Im trying to sneak into an enemy base.

Just my two-cents!

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