Just a Console Pleb Rant

Pretext: I play on PS4 mainly. Started on PC back in the beta days. I LOVE smite. I enjoy it because of the strong casual AND competitive play base it has. And 3rd person wooo! 🙂

Main Rant: Season 4, lots of new content. Pretty good time to be a smite player on console right? Mmm, that's arguable. We're getting all this new content (very late but hey it's something I guess) but the game itself isn't in a good place IMO. I'm talking the game itself not the enviroment or community, although these are effected by my main point: the game is unpolished. Now, HiRez's idea of continued development and what not is to "blame" but I'm talking about the game feels much more unpolished than what you'd expect. I'm speaking from a console point of view, I can't speak for the PC side of things. The UI is bad, not awful but bad. But it's fixable, very fixable. We still can't customize our in game HUD or custom button mapping (HiRez presets are OKAY at best). Custom builds are broken (not a big deal for me but still worth mentioning). Fafnirs Wonderland still pops up at the post game stats screen (wat? lol) The season ticket tabs are far from ideal. There's this weird delay on Clash when moving your pointer from time to time. Almost every God released has either broken the game or been really bugged (Kuzenbo, Morrigan).

Conclusion: I think HiRez should take some time to polish the game up instead of releasing new content, especially on console. I understand that you have to develop for two platforms (Xbox, PS) and the new content is really awesome and I love it! But it's hard to enjoy it when your experience is marred by an undefined main game. Maybe take a month to just fix up some shit and put off new content (or at least major content) would be really good in the long run.

  • A concerned console SMITE pleb.

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