JS UPDATE – April 1st , Patch Notes

After recently expanding the development team from 2 people to 3 people we now have the ability to really dive deep into development here. As with our road-map we spoke about several months ago our primary focus has been to eliminate bugs and get the game working first. Secondly to add additional content that I know you are all looking forward to. I'm happy to announce that we have a surprise patch for you guys! Thanks for putting up with our constant method of "carrot on a stick" we hope that we can mend the divide that has been created by our complete lack of development for this game since the KOTK split. Without further ado here is the patch notes!

Patch Notes – April 1st


Fixed all CTD crashes, including when you chop down trees.

Readded doors to the top floor of all buildings as we have recoded the engine from bottom up and no longer have to do bandaid fixes on most bugs.

Desync issues have been resolved and we've removed the 10sec countdown to lock your gun from firing because our netcode has been re-written as to be not complete poop.

Server Lag – We've updated our servers from Windows 95 to Windows ME which has allowed our systems to only lag occasionally instead of all the time. We're still working on relocating them from Clegg's mothers basement so we can get a more stable connection while he's surfing pornhub. ETA: 1 year, when his lease with his mom expires.

Zombies – Removed from the game, was causing too much strain our the windows 95 machines. We will rework them when we expand the team to 4 people. We all know this is a PVP attack/defend game anyway.

New Features:

New Base Building: We've added in new base building mechanics that allow for modular construction of buildings. Please try it out in game and tell us what you think.

Added 8 new weapons to the game: M249, M416, SKS, AWP, Anti-Tank Rifle, C4, Squirt Gun, Rubber Duck. Melee system: Uses the animation to determine what gets hit, can hit multiple enemies with one swing.

Region-Locked Servers: No more Asains off-line raiding you with 40 people.

Known Issues:

Base Building: Must be built on completely flat land, only works with wooden tier structures currently. Bases's occasionally are invulnerable to damage depending on server lag.

New weapons: Ammo has not yet been added to the game, existing ammo types are only spawning in PV police station.

Melee System: Works but using repair hammers or wrenches will cause the server to crash. Hacks seem to have gotten worse.


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