JS Test Servers Locked


Last Friday, we updated the JS Test servers with an update that did not live up to our standards. We had server/zone disconnects for a variety of reasons that we investigated over the weekend. We thought we had it solved tonight with another Test push, but we're seeing the same issues unfortunately.

I'm going to keep the Test servers locked until these disconnect issues have been resolved. There's no reason for us to promote an environment that's not stable and to this end, the Test servers may remain locked for up to 24-hours. While we endeavor to keep the Test servers up and open at all times, it's important to reiterate here that situations like this may arise with Test. This is why we have Test…to fail at scale and make absolutely sure we have it right before we even consider Live promotions.

It's important that we do things right and that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. I hope you all understand and I apologize for the delay.

UPDATE: we are targeting a new Test update tomorrow (Wednesday) and plan on unlocking the servers at that time. I'll keep everyone posted with details as we get closer – I do not have an estimated time right now.

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