JS Test Server Update – March 8th


The last two Test updates were not up to our standards and unfortunately we had to lock the Test servers for a period of time until we got it right. I know this upset many of you and I understand the frustrations here, but it was the only way we could deal with things effectively given the unique nature of this particular issues.

I'm happy to report that we've rectified those issues and that Test has been updated and unlocked with the following fixes:

  • Server/zone disconnects (this addresses the random dropouts players were experiencing on Test)

  • Performance optimizations for bases and NPCs

  • Base security on deck expansions (fixes an issue that caused players to be ejected erroneously)

  • Ongoing and extensive fair-play/exploit countermeasures and anti-cheat logging tools

Additionally, we have the previous test updates rolled into this Test update as well:

  • Improved server multi-threading performance

  • Fixed an issue that allowed particularly nimble players to dupe grenades

  • Fixed an issue with certain base configurations being potentially exploitable on defense

  • Several CTD fixes

  • Server Timer optimizations (these optimizations will improve performance of bases, vehicles, cooking containers, and explosives)

  • Navigation optimizations (these optimizations will improve performance of NPCs)

  • Wolf speed reverted to previous speed

  • Punji sticks work properly for all zombies (previously they were causing issues for certain zombies upon death)

I intend for this to be the final Test update before a push to Live next week. This update is heavy on two key things for us: overall server performance and anti-cheat countermeasures. We fully understand that the current Live environment isn't ideal and flat out sucks on many servers. We've been working hard these past two weeks to remedy that and I have confidence that this update, once Live, will greatly improve your experience.

So what's next? I'm happy to finally be able to say that the next Live update will be the last one you see without new content. The new melee system looks amazing and we're close to being able to roll that out. Weather (rain for now) is 99% done and I expect to see that Live in the next few weeks. We understand how anxious you are for new content, and I know you hate hearing close/soon/should so I'll say this instead: "Fix now" is going to transition to "Cool Later" sooner than you think. We don't promise dates. I'm not going to do that and disappoint you guys. Just let us stay on target a bit longer and I think you'll be pleased.

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