JS Live Update – March 14th


We've updated and unlocked the JS Live servers with the following fixes and features:

  • Free 3-crate 'Thank You' pack (see details below)

  • Several individual CTD fixes

  • Rendering performance optimizations

  • Reduced number of extraneous updates on NPCs with no behaviors/abilities ticking

  • Lowered number of checks for NPC relevance (increasing server performance) 

  • Adjusted visibility distance for objects without profiles so they're not invisible by default

  • Optimized NPC proximity checks (increasing server performance)

  • Navigation system optimizations (improved NPC performance)

  • Proxy broadcast rate adjustment (increasing server performance)

  • Proximity manager multithreading optimizations (increased server performance)

  • Punji stick fixes (they will now damage players and all zombie types)

  • Wolf run speed reverted to original setting

  • Non-structure player items cannot be placed on deck expansions or on top of player structures

  • Infinite grenade hack fixed

  • Miscellaneous base security fixes (fixed an issue with approved players being kicked erroneously; base security now performs as expected)

  • DLC outfit names fixed (all outfit grants are now correct on Steam)

  • Comprehensive anti-cheat/exploit countermeasures

As a special thank you to the JS community, we're giving everyone a free 3-crate pack just for logging on and playing over the next 7 days (this will happen automatically the next time you join a JS Live server). We have an amazing community and we wanted to do something nice to say thanks for sticking with us and supporting us as we make JS the game we know it can be. 🙂

I'll start up a new JS Live issue thread here later today to capture your feedback on what issues you're seeing, and as a way for us to communicate to you what we're working on next.

I mentioned this in my Test update last week but it bears repeating: this will be the last Live push without new content. I know everyone is eager for the new map (and modular base building, etc.) so please be aware that "new content" is often going to mean things like the new melee system or weather. Things aren't always going to happen at the pace you'd like, but I know you're going to appreciate the results when we do roll new things out.

Thanks again for your patience. We hope you enjoy the update!

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