JS Live Update Inbound


Just a quick note here today to let everyone know that we're prepping a Live update for tomorrow, Tuesday March 14th. As with all Live updates, we will bring the servers down at 1:00AM PST for the promotion. Live updates can take up to 8 hours and I will post another Live Update thread with complete patch notes as soon as we're unlocked.

A few things to point out:

  • This will not include a server wipe.

  • We've removed rain for now, but I expect to see the finished version of this up on Test in a few days.

  • There are significant performance enhancements in this update that will alleviate a lot of the lag/low FPS.

  • We've also identified and fixed several CTDs in this update.

  • This update includes comprehensive anticheat/exploit countermeasures.

I know we're a bit quiet on that last point, and we have to be for reasons I've explained in the past, but I want to convey to you that we're working on this daily and the results we're seeing are beyond reassuring. Keep in mind that Live currently isn't representative of this progress.

I mentioned this in my Test update last week but it bears repeating: this will be the last Live push without new content. I know everyone is eager for the new map (and modular base building, etc.) so please be aware that "new content" is often going to mean things like the new melee system or weather. Things aren't always going to happen at the pace you'd like, but I know you're going to appreciate the results when we do roll new things out.

I'll update again early tomorrow morning when Live is unlocked. As always, thanks again for your patience and your support!

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