JS Live Update – April 26th


We've updated and unlocked JS Live with the following fixes and changes:

  • Live Servers have been wiped

  • Multiple fixes for a number of CTD scenarios, including a situation while placing doors on shacks while inside them crashed to desktop

  • Fixed an exploit where players could cause ethanol to float

  • Fixed a legacy bug that permitted an exploit that crashed servers. Fixing this has also given us a significant boost in overall server performance as it eliminated unnecessary tick cycles for redundant NPCs.

  • Several marketplace UI tweaks

  • Fixed an issue where you would crash to desktop when trying to join a second server after already playing on a different server

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s head would vanish when aiming down the sights while prone

  • Fixed an exploitable bug where players could log out on certain objects and log back in to find themselves inside the object

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to glitch into a sitting position while moving

  • Fixed an issue where anti-exploit code could falsely register and kill players jumping on rooftops

  • Gates now self-destruct when penetrating objects are present (please note that the following items will be destroyed, however: furnaces, storage containers, bee boxes, dew collectors, BBQs, wooden barricades, animal traps, barbed wire, punji sticks, workbenches, and weapon workbenches)

  • Fixed an issue with gates inadvertently blowing up when placed adjacent to valid walls

  • Recursive destruction has been enabled to help combat floating bases. Destroying the root object will destroy all objects attached to it (e.g., an upper shelter)

  • Ongoing specific exploit/cheating countermeasures

  • Our new JS crate 'Outlands' has been released

As always, please provide feedback on your Live experience here in this thread. While we don't respond to every single post, we do read all of them and it means a lot to the entire team when you take the time to tell us what you think.

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