Josh Hamrick has my respect for slumming around Twitter and actually responding to complaints, suggestions, and queries

Here's his link:

Ever since the reveal stream of the sandbox changes he's been very responsive to feedback, no matter how salty. There's a lot of notable detail as well. Take this tweet for example:

@LittIefingerPvP @grandpappi_hash in air accuracy change was accidentally reverted as part of a different change. Sucked to figure that out.

More context:

@SirDimetrious @grandpappi_hash Yup. The change got reverted before it went out so it's the same as what you have been playing for months.

Apparently shotgun in-air accuracy wasn't changed at all! (Which doesn't reflect the patch notes but whatever…)

And his views on any incoming Ice Breaker changes:

@DestinyFunPoPo @Flowerchild_86x @frankie_stugots Don't even have to trust you, I agree… but we'll have to see what people do with it.

He's tentatively committed to reviewing some player-proposed changes as well:

@SirDimetrious Several. I'll try to go through it later.

Take a look for yourself. There's over a month's worth of sandbox-related tweets there. Dude's a champ and very responsive. My hat's off to you sir.

And what I think about Josh showing his opinions on sidearms vs. shotguns:

You're cherry picking his comments to make it seem like he designed the changes to make his playstyle more effective. He didn't. He makes the game. At some point down the line, someone in charge of sandbox at Bungie has to say, "the game will play better this way and weapon choices will be more balanced." He wants all special weapons to be effective. Read this:

quick_vic: @Josh_Hamrick @SirDimetrious @Flowerchild_86x @frankie_stugots I prefer a meta where everything is viable.Snipers shotgun SA Fusion

Josh_Hamrick: @quik_vic @SirDimetrious @Flowerchild_86x @frankie_stugots Same:

Josh_Hamrick: @quik_vic @SirDimetrious @Flowerchild_86x @frankie_stugots Wasn't saying SA meta was the final goal, only they SA meta is > SG meta IMO.

You're reading too much into his opinion of this meta vs. a previous meta. Sure, we can factor in that he was the voice announcing changes for this meta, so there may be some bias there.

Even if you disagree with what he or I said above, you have to respect the man because HE'S ACTUALLY HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH US.

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