Join our AMA with the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn on March 16th, 4PM CET

Hi everyone! It’s been two weeks since launch and we have been overwhelmed with your lovely messages, comments, fan art, video’s and screenshots (seriously, you guys are pro’s with the photomode!). We’re very thankful for the interest in Horizon Zero Dawn and would love to answer any questions you might have in an AMA tomorrow!


The devs joining us on Thursday are:
• Ben McCaw – Lead Writer
• David Ford – Lead Quest Designer
• Roderick van der Steen – Lead Lighting Artist
• Dan Calvert – Character Art Director
• Dennis Zopfi – Principal Designer Machines
• Pinar Temiz – Sound Designer
• Ana Barbuta – QA Manager
• Jessica Wyeth – QA Tester


You can submit your questions here starting today! On Thursday March 16th from 4:00 PM CET to 6:00 PM CET we will get together and try to answer as many of them as possible.


Thanks and see you tomorrow! 🙂


Update 4:00 PM CET – Thank you for all the questions you have submitted! We're going through them now and will start answering at 5:00 PM CET with our developers
Update 7:10 PM CET – We have finished answering our last questions for today! We want to thank you all for participating and we hope you enjoyed!

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