@Jens and @Funcom: Any word on Avatar balancing?

Avatars are currently much easier to farm than even explosives, despite possessing much more destructive capability.

If I was understanding the dev diaries correctly, they are supposed to be prohibitively expensive methods of completely removing bases that are too built up, with thralls and tiered buildings… but as it stands, they are easy to farm and spam for any tribe with 5+ members.

I have seen some interesting balancing options, including player sacrifice (have to remake character completely after summoning, at level 1 – honestly my favorite – provides a very real risk-reward scenario to destroying an enemy's main base and would make people think twice about using avatars but could potentially be worth the grind back up to 50, and this also makes jars a more appealing raid option). Avatars should be a serious time investment in that they should take the same, if not more amount of time to farm than what they are wiping out – a level 1-50 grind would ensure that they aren't being spammed like they are now.

Could I get a dev opinion on how this balancing is coming along, or if they are considering the above option? I have searched on DevTracker for a response to a question such as this and have yet to find anything substantial.

Edit: It seems the 1-50 grind really doesn't take that long either. Here is a list of suggestions:

  1. A 15-30 minute summoning time within visual distance you want to summon the Avatar (From the coin).
  2. Summoner must have LOS to Avatar at all times.
  3. Fix Yog terrain clipping (or ignoring).
  4. Make them banish-able, whether through counter summon or pure damage. They need more COUNTER-PLAY.
  5. If counter-play is introduced, people will just offline avatar. Unfortunately, I don't see a way around this, open to suggestions.
  6. To encourage counterplay for defending clans that ARE offline, perhaps the person that kills the summoner could claim a Avatar coin of their own. This would incentivize clans who are not being attacked to seek out the summoner and kill him.
  7. Coin is a 24-hour summon that disappears in 3-hours if not used.
  8. Replace Avatars with ESO-style Emperor Buff (Personally not a fan, I like the idea of Avatars, but I am listing all suggestions here).
  9. Increase sacrifice costs for summon to multiple priests in addition to longer summon time and chanting heard server wide (maybe a default music change).

These insanely powerful wipe tools need to have greater checks and balances. A full character wipe "sacrifice" would be a good start. The other options I listed would provide fun counterplay options for defending clans that are online. Offline Avatars would still be an issue, but less of one.

TL;DR – Avatars need to be more expensive and have more counterplay. After exploits and broken archers, this should take top priority, as the vocal playerbase (even those with access to avatars) is displeased with how the mechanic works atm. Is the idea cool and kickass? Yeah, my dudes. But part of the magic is removed if they become a daily occurrence.

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