I’ve been thinking up a Dark Souls-based RP game lately

So a while ago I found this awesome collection of dark souls enemies as DnD characters and that go me thinking of a Dark Souls-based campaign (one of my jobs does not have a ton of mental stimulation so the small, neat idea I had has blossomed into a whole campaign). Truthfully I don't like the Dark Souls series nearly as much as many of you, but the world, characters, and story are undeniably great…once they get figured out. Basically the adventure has become a sort of combination of Dark Souls 1 and 3, primarily inspired mainly by VaatiVidya's great cinematic tellings of the lore. The start is in the Undead Asylum where Oscar will break the party out and help them along the way through it, but he won't die in the Asylum like the game, he'll escape the Asylum as well but become separated quickly. From there they'll be taken to a sort of combo DS 1 and 3 Firelink Shrine that has the thrones but the place behind as well for Frampt to go. Mr. Crestfallen will tell them where the Bell is, they'll adventure their way up and fight some gargoyles, ring the bell, and talk to Frampt and be told to link the fire as in the first game (only one bell though, Fuck Blighttown). From here, however, the campaign deviates greatly from DS 1 as the players will need to defeat 2 Lords of Cinder in Aldrich and Yhorm (Ludleth too but he's no a fight), obtain the soul of Knight Artorias, and the soul of someone related to Gwyn. Also the Firekeeper from DS3 would be the one teleporting them places. The game would then alter a lot based on the players' choices because you wouldn't want to railroad it. Places they'd go: Anor Londo, Cathedral of the Deep, Irrithyll, Profaned Capital, (Somehow) back in time to Oolacile, Darkroot Garden, Undead Settlement They'd run into the likes of Oscar, Seigward (can with Yhorm), Anri and Horace (linked to Aldrich), Greirat, Patches, Cieran, Alvina, Sif, Kaathe and probably some others. After fighting O&S they'll run into "Gwynevere" and she'll send them to fight Gwyn's traitor son, the Nameless King, OR they'll attack her and have to fight Gwyndolin. Anywho, thought I'd share my hodgepodge of a Dark Souls campaign that I don't know if I'd ever even run (only just very recently started playing DnD as a player) but it's what I've been entertaining my mind with at work lately! If any of you have run something similar feel free to share or tweak my ideas!

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