I’ve been meaning to support and play Albion Online for a while now but I’m not exactly sure what it exactly offers without first playing the game. I have some questions that hopefully someone can help answer.

  1. I don't mind GVG or PVP but if I so chose, is the game actually suitable for players that wants to farm, trade and craft gears? (I mean like there are times after work where I just want to do nothing but play on my own or farm during commutes)
  2. Does the game support mobile at the moment?
  3. If I go the pve route (assuming there is) can I pivot and go back to pvp-ing whenever I want?
  4. What sort of a time/money commitment does one needs to be to remain relatively competitive (I like to be comptitive and hopefully can chose when I can ramp up by activity depending on the events happening in game?)
  5. Which brings me, how P2W is the game for you guys at the moment? I don't mind spending but it's depressing when so many mobile games are outright cashgrab.
  6. Depending on the answer for 5 (supposing that the game is not P2W and doesn't really have a subscription model) how does the game makes money? I ask this because I'm concern and deeply interested in active events, where we get continuous streams of new content/events/activities/game mechanics etc
  7. Lastly is it truly sandbox or are there plans for storylines and quest in the future?

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