“It’s not about being fair, it’s about killing the other guy.” Words that I live by now.

To the guy who shared his story with his grandpa. If you see this, I want to thank you and your grandpa because they made me a better player at For Honor. This line made me realize how I limited myself in sense of growing as a better fighter, as well as how naive I were in the beginning. For Honor really isn't about playing the game "fair". Being fair are not the case at all. It's about using everything that you are able to do in the game and win. (Except hacking. Don't be that guy.)

Yes, I was angry when I couldn't time the GB correctly. Yes, I was mad that I couldn't get close to the Nobushi / Peacekeeper. And not able to land more than 3 strikes on them and got killed by poison while they were on the other side of the map. I couldn't handle an Orochi at all because he/she was to fast for me to counter. Going side to side while slicing me. Running around me, I wasn't able to connect anything. But after hours and hours of practice, I got better. So much better than I thought I would. I became good to the point I am able to pressure them into a corner. I didn't notice it earlier, because I was so focused. When I get killed by a Nobushi, I won't hate him/her for using her. I won't hate him/her if she's took advantage of the map and my bad GB and lost because it. I won't him/her if she's able to throw me out of the map 3 times in a row. Even though I only needed one more round to win. If any of this happens, it simply means: He/her were better. I wasn't.

Thank you again, grandpa.

Yours truly, Kensei

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