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 So... I apologize in advance for any errors or obvious, unintentional mistakes. This will be my very first Reddit post, as I had only just recently created an account and have been nervously procrastinating my inevitable first post. I've been lurking for what seems like forever. Give or take, eight to nine or even ten years. Quite awhile. I'm currently twenty-five, providing an inaccurate estimate for those of you who may or may not be curious. Enough of the introductions. This post is about Nioh, you and the rest of every individual who is proactive and participates in this lovely community. After all, it's thanks to everyone here and Nioh that I felt inclined to join after so long. I'm currently level 158 with a complete Divine Red Demon Armor set, as well as a Yasakani Magatama and a single Katana and Spear build. As someone who initially began with a Kusarigama and the Axe, maxing out every weapon and combination possible, this is my perfectly comfortable match. I've been procrastinating NG+ due to my obsession with cooperative play and constantly, consistently visiting other realms. I will be seeking a partner(s) for when I do begin WotS. Which brings me to the primary purpose of this redundant and seemingly tedious post. Forgive me. Now, I really want to take the time to thank and portray my appreciation and grattitude to every individual player. For those who have gone out of your way to welcome and guide other players who may have struggled or are just particularly new, thank you. You guys and possible girls are fantastic. Really, you deserve a 91st on the back as I have been religiously stalking this subreddit and following along in nearly every post. Not too mention everyone else proactively participating and providing positive, constructive feedback and support. Phenomenal! It has tremendously aided me in every way along my playthroughs and builds overall. What a great community this is. Of course, it's not perfect but it helps to not enable and encourage toxic players/people. Additionally, too those who have been patient and hospitable towards me in visiting, you've made my experiences incredible. As all I typically do is visit. I absolutely love helping others and sharing my knowledge. Of course, as some full-time visitors know, not every visit can be as thrilling... Oh well! Thank you to everyone here, truly. Not too mention those who allow me to show you all the secrets every stage has. It's so rewarding helping others and showing them everything there is to show, am I right? That's the real success here. Now, lastly I am in need/search of a Divine Female Demon Visor and a Divine Onimaru Kunitsuna with decent stats, preferably of course. Again, I do apologize for the repetition and redundancy. Thank you. 

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