It time to talk about Warrior of the west And other set

let be honest there are set out there that need buff. I not going to lies i love this set it beginner friendly it nice and it very good. But so far i seen nothing or builds that revolve around this set and i be honest i kind of sad. This was my first set , since it my first it hold an special place in my heart. So here the discussion Time to either Buff or balance on this set. Because in my Opinions the game need more set that give either give a more insane damage buff on close like stronger than Kingos or Fnatic but it kill the back damage + the final blow. Like this set can be Extremely insane, but it also have a weakness where it make you take extra damage. Or make more set that give Huge damage on Certain weapons type. This also make different set Build. Not just Mix set Min Max where you just use Lai strike or the Sign of the cross (there player who never have the -1 on set requirement). I believe that these build are strong but these other set here should help early player who Beat the game and now they have to face the harsh reality that NG+ it a lot worst since enemy hit harder more tanky and your damage is shit. Also since new Difficulty come out, these new set should help NG + player who beat their Invisible Wall AKA: you are now OP unlike player who have their Invisible wall that block them (where they feel like they weak and no way in hell they can do insane damage or find place to farm Amrita to level early). I honestly feel like that these set should help early player.

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